Exclusive: watch Isamaya Ffrench’s surreal new video for Camper

Complete with a soundtrack courtesy of Justice

Following on from its AW17 campaign – which saw a series of cartoon-like characters channel the line between the material and the metaphysical – Camper’s newest visuals continue in a similarly out-of-this-world vein.

Celebrating the 30th anniversary of its TWINS line, the footwear brand has announced its latest release as part of an ongoing collaboration with makeup artist Isamaya Ffrench. The next instalment in the collab sees Ffrench channelling her innovative, avant-garde aesthetic into a unique, monochromatic reinterpretation of Camper’s classic runner.

The accompanying video features what seems to be a sinister take on Willy Wonka, with a hint of Japanese horror. “Sometimes I like working backwards,” the makeup artist explains. “I’ve always been inspired by Serge Lutens’ surreal adverts for Inoui and I love the music of John Carpenter. The shoe design became a practical interpretation of his keyboard” she finished. Though the video is admittedly, in true Isamaya style, slightly unnerving, there’s nothing scary about the sneakers themselves.

Get yours on Camper today.