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naomi campbell gianni versace vh1 awards 1995
VH1 Awards 1995via

That time Naomi stepped off a runway to give Gianni Versace an award

Featuring appearances from 90s supermodels and Anna Wintour

Oh, the 90s. A time ruled by B*Witched, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and jelly sandals. While going back isn’t possible – even if fashion is hell-bent on bringing back trends from the time – you can reminisce via this clip of the VH1 Awards in 1995 which we’ve dug from the depths of YouTube just for your viewing pleasure. Yay!

Presenting the ‘Frock N’ Rock Award’ are Naomi Campbell and Elton John – with the latter making a joke about both of them being made (and laid) in England. In true awards ceremony style, the announcement of Gianni Versace as the winner is followed by video footage of Gianni’s fans – including brief appearances from a pre-sunglasses-indoors-era Anna Wintour and model Kristen McMenamy.

But that isn’t even the best part; the cherry on top comes just afterwards, in the form of a fashion show featuring a few of the models that only need one name; Helena, Yasmeen, Shalom, Amber, and Alek. In true 90s walk-pose-turn-pose runway style, they sashay up and down the catwalk before Naomi – post-outfit change – shows them all how it's done, as she closes the show and struts over to the man of the hour to present him with his award.

Featuring what is probably the shortest (and most bizarre) acceptance speech ever, the clip is a rollercoaster from beginning to end. But then again, so were the 90s.  

Watch the full clip below: