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Gabriele SkucasPhotography Tom-Ordoyno, styling Ellie-Grace-Cumming

1 Granary’s new project spotlighting young design talent

As part of 1 Granary's new initiative VOID, upcoming talents are being teamed up with established industry names to showcase their work

In just five years, 1 Granary has become a defining voice in fashion when it comes to all things up and coming. Now, in addition to the magazine, website and showroom, it is launching VOID – an initiative that will support young designers globally by introducing them to established names for new, exciting collaborations.

“We were always in close contact with young designers, learning more and more about their struggles,” explains 1 Granary founder Olya Kuryshchuk. “We spoke to those who received the industry’s support and recognition, but also those who were left out and didn’t seem to fit within the system.” Born out of this struggle was VOID, that will give the next generation of designers a different way into the industry by building relationships with prominent figures within it.

For the project’s London launch, which takes the form of an exhibition, 1 Granary enlisted seven upcoming designers and paired them with established photographers and stylists in the industry to create visuals to showcase their work. While you might think it would be difficult organising such big names in a short space of time, Kuryshchuk said that everyone was keen to contribute without any convincing. “The only difficulty was finding the right match,” she said. “Making sure the creative vision of the stylist, the photographer and the designer were aligned.”

Among the spotlighted designers are new Fashion East member Charlotte Knowles, who teamed up with Dazed’s senior fashion editor Emma Wyman and photographer Danielle Neu to reimagine her sexual underwear-esque clothing. Elsewhere, Richard Quinn’s designs are styled by Camille Bidault-Waddington and shot by Marie Déhé while CSM graduate Gabriele Skucas’ is partnered with Another Man’s fashion director Ellie Grace Cumming and Tom Ordoyno. The exhibition space opens tomorrow at 180 Strand, with installations by the seven featured names and a talk that will focus on education.

While the exhibition ends on November 27, the initiative will continue to travel around the world – heading to New York in January and then Montreal, Milan and Shanghai. “Everywhere we go, the VOID project will be changed and rebuilt from scratch, adapting to the needs of the designers in that city,” said Kuryshchuk. “This is not a rigid structure designed to copy paste to each city. Next time might be another exhibition, or it could be a video project or even a performance.”

VOID will be open from November 24 - 27 at 180 Strand, London, WC2R 1EA.