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DUMITRASCU SS18 paris metro pfw fashion
Dumitrascu SS18Photography Kira Lillie

Berlin brand Dumitrascu took over a Metro station for PFW

The guerrilla presentation saw models hurrying up the platform alongside everyday commuters

Paris Fashion Week is here – the last leg of the month of fashion show circuit. Over the past couple of weeks, we have seen shows presented in castles and schools and Alexander Wang even presented his three times on the streets of New York. Berlin-based Dumitrascu – designed by Romanian-born Andra Dumitrascu – decided to go underground for its SS18 presentation and staged its latest collection at the Rambuteau metro station in Paris.

Why? “The vibes,” the designer told us. “We booked the rooftop at the Pompidou, but after seeing Rambuteau (and the original location) it felt like dropping the panorama and going gutter. It’s all wack without the street. It needs some balance and attitude.”

Rather than a typical FROW with lines of chairs, attending guests sat on the benches in the station while the models – and everyday commuters – waltzed past. Dumitrascu wanted them to be as part of the show as much as the Walter Pearce-casted faces. “The random passengers, some self-absorbed and disinterested but, at times, offended, stunned as well as excitement and cheers,” she said. 

Blending in (sort of) with the other people at the station, the models dragged suitcases, looked as if they were arguing while hurrying along the platform. As for the collection itself, it took inspiration from sportswear and fetishwear and amalgamated the two as the designer told us. “It was eclectic. A bit of all things happening – the selfie-porn, the trash TV, the techno clubs, the night. The sign of a Turkish kebab shop, fisting gloves at Pigalle, people on the run, Xanax and speed.”

Although a more guerrilla presentation – that we are sure wasn’t approved with the RATP (Paris’s version of TfL) – the designer (and cast) managed not to get arrested. “We did the show four times, on the run, patrol police chasing us, getting shut down, going for more,” shared Dumitrascu. Job well done if you ask us. 

Head to the gallery above for images from the presentation.