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Meet the brand bringing its political tees to London

Ahead of its London store launch, we chat to Weekday about its socially aware Zeitgeist collection

Since the “We should all be feminists” t-shirt paraded down the runway at Maria Grazia Chiuri’s debut for Dior, there seems to have been a rise in the number of political fashion tees. The mix of fashion and political statements is not new though. For Weekday, it has been a go-to for its designs since it started in 2002. Originally only open on Sundays (explaining the old name Weekend), it grew to become Weekday and has continued to grow – joining the H&M group in 2008.

Weekday’s staple is minimal, structured items that balance between masculine and feminine. The unisex vibe of its clothing hints at its ethos of equality, but the venture to depict that idea goes further than the seasonal collections and campaigns. The aptly named Zeitgeist range is an in-store sub-brand of the label, designed to raise awareness around current social and political issues. As a unisex range, these T-shirts are created for anyone and everyone. 

Rather than telling people what to think, Zeitgeist is there to provoke meaningful discussion. “We thought it would be an amazing way to speak up and talk about things that we think are important,” designer Annika Berger told us. Among the fast-growing collection of tees are statements like: ‘Our pussies, our choice’ and ‘Destroy the patriarchy’. 

“It’s to encourage people to take a stand in what they believe in. It’s super important for people to raise their voices” – Annika Berger

Despite politics often being a heavy topic to address, Berger uses to humour or abstract designs to make them more approachable. “We still want this progressive and hopeful way to say things, we want people to believe that ‘yes we can make a change’. It’s more fun to try and find a positive angle.” Hoping to continue that legacy in London, Weekday is opening a new store that opens its doors this weekend. 

The space itself launches itself alongside the relaunch of the Zeitgeist range. As well as a handful of exclusive designs, Berger chose six of her favourite designs from the current 370-strong archive and you can expect to see humorous slogans addressing equality, gender fluidity, science and mental health. The new store also features an in-house printing room for new designs to be created on Sunday, ready to print by Monday – guaranteeing that Zeitgeist products always remain relevant and forward-thinking.

“It’s to encourage people to take a stand in what they believe in. It’s super important for people to raise their voices,” Berger explains as the main aim of the brand. And the best way to achieve that is to make the tees as accessible as possible. So in addition to the relaunch of Zeitgeist and the new store, the range will also be available to purchase online – for the first time ever. Each design only has a limited run, so if you want to grab yourself a progressive tee and join the movement of social awareness, it’s best to get your hands on one sooner rather than later.