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Beyonce baby picture Palomo Spain

Beyoncé is wearing Palomo Spain in her baby pic – we love it

The Dazed 100 designers were tapped by Queen Bey to create a one of a kind piece

OK, OK, OK. We know you’ve already seen about 10,000 posts about Beyoncé’s new photoshoot, introducing her month-old twins Rumi and Sir into the world. But we couldn’t ignore the fact that Queen Bey has chosen Dazed 100 designers Palomo Spain to dress her for the momentous shoot.

We don’t know much, apart from the fact that the piece – a flowing floral robe – was specially commissioned and made in the Palomo atelier in the Spanish village that is designer Alejandro Gómez Palomo’s home. “Never stop dreaming🌸 Congratulations @beyonce for such beautiful babies🌺 I'm so proud,” he shared, posting the picture to his Instagram. As for the Madonna shot itself – it looks to be the work of artist Awol Erizku, also behind that pregnancy pic.

Known for its extravagant, gender-blurring and often highly erotic designs, Palomo came to the fashion world’s attention last year, thanks to a debut at NYFW: Men’s and a nomination for the LVMH Prize (you might have seen Sean Nicolas Savage wearing one of its looks in our Autumn 2016 issue). “Aesthetically and sexually, I have never felt that there should be clear distinctions between masculinity and femininity,” Palomo told us when we spotlighted him as one of the Dazed 100 names for 2017

Of course, Bey’s shot has been ‘liked’ by scores of the most famous people in the world – but there’s also been love for Palomo. “Beyoncé wearing Palomo Spain in the reveal photo of her twins is making me scream,” Hari Nef wrote on Twitter. “Bey’s technically wearing menswear for the reveal of her twins – whose pregnancy she framed with so much feminine spirituality. So cool.”

Congrats to Beyoncé, Jay Z, and Palomo. You can check out the Spanish brand’s latest campaign below.