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FKA twigs
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Talking jewellery and piercings with FKA twigs

The trippy R&B auteur and Dazed cover star talks septums, Tiffany’s and controlling your aesthetic

From the shamanic headpieces of her RadiantMe² tour, to the delicate tech-haute couture look at last year’s Met Gala and her formidable septum piercing on the cover of EP2, FKA twigs molds an otherworldly aesthetic with her fashion. Last night (May 11), the avant-pop artiste joined the Tiffany & Co. party in London to celebrate the Tiffany City Hardware Collection launch.

With mere moments to chat before TLC took to the stage for a very special private show (watch Rozonda ‘Chilli’ Thomas pass the mic to twigs for the iconic “Waterfalls” below), we spoke with the Dazed cover star mainstay about piercings, special pieces and getting creative when times are tough.

What’s your most sentimental piece of jewellery?

FKA twigs: I’m not just saying this, I swear – when I was 16 my stepdad got me a Tiffany necklace. I'm from the suburbs, and I guess it's like a certain way, but when it's a big birthday, your parents take you out and you get a statement piece of jewelry. One year I got a Tiffany necklace, one year I got a Tiffany bracelet and then I got like a charm bracelet. That was like 16, 18 and 21. I'm a massive fan of jewellery obviously.

My other earliest memory of accessorising is piercing up all my ears and loving it, and then not having any more space so I would take out all of them, letting them heal up and then getting them all pierced again. I still do that sometimes. I pierce them, let them heal up and then just get it done again because it's fun.

What was your first ever piercing?

FKA twigs: I guess my ears, but maybe my first controversial – not that it's that controversial, but I guess more daring – piercing was when I got my belly button when I was 12. Then I got all my ears done by the time I was 19, and then I got my septum pierced when I was 20. I love piercings.

Your septum ring on EP2 probably inspired a lot of noses.

FKA twigs: Yeah! It's so cute. Like when I first got it done, almost no one had it. That’s almost 10 years ago, you know what I mean? It was so fun.

You have this amazing control of your aesthetic – how is jewellery a part of putting together a look?

FKA twigs: Well, I come from a sort of underground and alternative, performance art and cabaret scene, so when I was performing I couldn't always afford to have new costumes. So for me, changing my hair and changing my jewellery was a way of revamping my act. For me, accessorising, hair and makeup has always been a very big part of who I am.

And what are you wearing tonight?

FKA twigs: I'm wearing Tiffany hardware jewellery and this… I don’t know, I probably got this dress from a vintage shop in LA. You can look where it's from if you'd like.

Sure. Oh, it doesn't have a label.

FKA twigs: My boots though! These are New Rock.