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Buffalo Zine No. 5Photography Reto Schmid

Pamela Anderson covers new issue of Buffalo Zine

Photographer David Bailey, cult icon Judy Blame and rising model Lennon Gallagher also star in the art and fashion mag’s latest offering

Buffalo Zine is back and it’s better than ever. In an all-out issue shot entirely in the mag’s east London office building, its creators have brought together a bevy of talent that includes everyone from Pamela Anderson to David Bailey. Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales and cult icon Judy Blame also features in the issue, along with model-turned-actress Lily Cole, Lennon Gallagher, rising model and son of Liam, curator Hans Ulrich-Obrist and philosopher Michel Serres.

This time round, Editor-in-Chief Adrián González-Cohen and his collaborators wanted to explore the changing face of Hackney, from an affordable residential area to the poster boy for gentrification.

“For the fifth issue of Buffalo Zine we decided to do the whole magazine without leaving our office. Squatting here, looking at the things we had around, the space we spend most of our days in, the things we see through our windows,” they explain. “Our office is on the top level of a three-floor complex which includes an assortment of buildings along Hackney Road, east London.”

“There are some Victorian buildings, others built in the 70s, but they all look like ghosts from the past. From the rooftop you can see the skyscrapers of the City looming, getting increasingly closer to the neighbourhood.”

Out now, the zine also features fashion stories from Rihanna’s stylist Mel Ottenberg, photographers Brett Lloyd, Dexter Lander and Thurstan Redding (among others), and from British designers Charles Jeffrey and James Theseus Buck and Luke Brooks of Rottingdean Bazaar.

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