Bernie Sanders responds to Balenciaga’s AW17 collection

‘Of my many attributes, being a fashion maven isn't one of them’

Last month, Balenciaga unveiled their latest menswear collection for AW17. The pieces, which were shared at Paris Fashion Week, were emblazoned with a mock-up of the “Bernie Sanders” logo – made famous by the Senator’s unsuccessful Democratic nominee campaign. At the time, with the fashion house’s four-figure garments and Sander’s fierce, anti-excess socialism, it felt like kind of a jarring juxtaposition. 

But what did the man himself think? The subject was broached briefly by reporter Jake Tapper last week, who asked Sanders how he felt about his new “fashion icon” status during an appearance on CNN.

“I want to ask you about this bizarre sighting at Paris Fashion Week,” Tapper asked the Senator. “There are a number of people, of models on a runway in Bernie clothes. Did you ever think you'd become a fashion icon?”

Sanders, laughing, offered a dismissive response. “No, not quite, Jake,” he replied. “Of my many attributes, being a great dresser, a fashion maven, isn't one of them.”

Watch the full exchange above, or look back on the Balenciaga AW17 collection here