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Stüssy SS17 campaign Tyrone Lebon Dazed
Stüssy SS17 campaignPhotography Tyrone Lebon

Stoya (and King Kong) star in Stüssy’s NYC-inspired campaign

The actress features alongside Princess Nokia and Patrick Bateman (kind of) in an ode to the American city

America is weird right now – and Tyrone Lebon’s new images for Stüssy’s latest campaign (the last of his International Stüssy Tribe series) are a fittingly surreal tribute to this twisted state of affairs.

Starring feminist adult performer Stoya in the giant hand of King Kong, along with Lebon’s brother Frank dressed as the American Psycho himself, Patrick Bateman, this continuation of the brand’s world tour sees the cast take on aspects of the Big Apple’s familiar iconography with wonderfully off-kilter results.

From Princess Nokia in Harlem to Nicky Hilton walking dogs in Central Park, the photos are a more fun, subversive take on US reality than the post-truth nightmare we’re experiencing IRL right now.

If you’re thinking that that’s a bit of a reach, just take a look at the upside down Statue of Liberty in an ‘I <3 NYC’ thong declaring, “In this great can’t forget your past” – a lyric from “No Woman No Cry”. A Stüssy sign of the times?

See the gallery above for more images from the campaign. The collection will be available from 10th February.