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The Music Tee

A t-shirt collaboration between Invisible DJ and LnA that allows you to download a track via a printed code on the tee.

Let’s face it; recent music and fashion collaborations haven’t exactly been groundbreaking! More like yet another opportunity for market-dominating record labels and major fashion conglomerates to achieve “good” PR. The Music Tee, the recent collaboration between Invisible DJ and LnA, is such a breath of fresh air!
A simple white, unisex tee by LA-based LnA, known for the perfect fit of their deep v-neck tees and zip leggings, the Music Tee features artwork ideal for a hot summer festival but more intriguingly, comes with a specially designed hang tag printed with a URL and a unique code; this code allows you to download one copy of each of the tracks scribbled as a playlist on the back of the tee from the newly created Music Tee Room on LnA’s website. Including artists like The Asteroids Galaxy Tour and WAZ, is there a better start to the summer?
Named so after Anna Wintour requested that the DJ to a dinner party should “be invisible”, Brett Brooks, said DJ and the man to bring a European edge to LA’s easy-does-it style, started his innovating music label Invisible DJ from the Ron Herman shop floor, the LA boutique on Melrose, alongside Jeremy Wineberg. We caught up with Jeremy to find out more about the tee, their love of music and how they may be quietly reinventing the music wheel, one tee at a time.

Dazed Digital: Why did you and Brett Brooks start Invisible DJ and how did it all come together?
Jeremy Wineberg: It was December of 2005 and I was holiday shopping at Ron Herman. I was stunned by the music playing in the store and asked who curated the playlists. The music was by new and obscure artists that fused California grit with European sensibilities. I was introduced to Brett who is the president buyer for Ron Herman. He has a love for music and had wanted to start Invisible DJ for a while. I, at the time, was a sophomore in college and was working at The Firm. The two of us instantly clicked and virtually overnight we started Invisible DJ Records.

DD: Invisible DJ started from the Ron Herman floor, literally, and you continue to fuse the two, music and fashion, in your projects. How do you decide on a project, and what comes first, music or fashion?
Jeremy Wineberg: It depends on the different scenarios. For Juicy Couture, we branded a compilation for their men’s fragrance, Dirty English. This was putting a sound to Juicy Couture’s branded image. Music usually comes first, which then inspires the art or fashion element to what we create.

DD: I guess The Music Tee is the perfect example of this. How did the idea come about and why LnA? Is it the fact that you're both LA-based?
Jeremy Wineberg: I was introduced to Lauren and April from LnA and instantly knew it was the right partnership for Invisible DJ. LnA and Invisible DJ are so alike. The girls understood The Music Tee and knew this concept was revolutionary. Being LA based is convenient however our relationship lies in both sharing the same vision.  

DD: What was your inspiration behind the playlist and how did you select each artist? Which track is your absolute favourite for this summer and since it's festival season, are there any other new artists you'd recommend us to seek out?
Jeremy Wineberg: For the first time I wanted to create a compilation that was more singer-songwriter and folk driven, besides the fact that Brett is such a Europhile! I listened to hundreds of songs by artists I came across online, in magazines and music submitted to me that then went into various playlists. I finally decided on 14 tracks that fit together perfectly.
Brett's favourite song of the summer is ‘Quick Sand’ (Mad Decent Remix) by La Roux and mine is ‘Boom Boom Pow’ by Black Eyed Peas. Definitely seek out Passion Pit and Little Boots who are playing the festival circuit. I'm in love with both!

DD: LA has a thriving music scene. Is the city a big part of what you do?
Jeremy Wineberg: Not necessarily. Our main focus and passion is finding independent artists from around the world and giving them the platform to showcase their music. For example, we were hired to curate the Ron Herman/ Fred Segal second compilation, which included the band Chester French. They later signed with Interscope! There is incredible music being made at the moment and we're obsessed with finding it.

DD: Ian Markell created the artwork on the tees and you've worked with him previously on other IDJ projects. Tell us a bit more about him and your collaborations.
Jeremy Wineberg: Ian came into my office when he was 14 wanting to share his art. I was very impressed with his creative ability at such a young age and asked for him to design our first release, ‘Invisible DJ Compilation #1’. Since then he has been an intricate part of Invisible DJ's design process. Normally Brett and I will have a vision that Ian will design to. He starts at Parsons in the fall.

DD: You've worked on a diverse set of projects, from limited edition Beats by Dre headphones to Ron Herman and Juicy Couture compilations. What's the next IDJ project and what are your plans for the future?
Jeremy Wineberg: The Beats by Dre collaboration was very innovative for us. We designed the limited edition white Beats By Dre that were featured in Lady Gaga's ‘Paparazzi’ and Black Eyed Peas’ ‘Boom Boom Pow’ music videos.
We’re continuing with Music Tees. At the end of June, The Mos Def Music Tee will be released for his upcoming album ‘The Ecstatic’. This will be the first time an artist releases an album in t-shirt format. Following this will be Music Tees for various artists, speciality Music Tees for retailers and concert merchandise Music Tees for artists tours. 

The Music Tee is currently available worldwide exclusively at and and from July at Urban Outfitters.