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Watch Gigi Hadid trash the Dazed office

In a film shot by Rankin and styled by Katie Grand, our new cover star breaks into our Old Street HQ

2016 is a big year for Dazed. Not only is it our 25th anniversary, but we are moving out of the Old Street office that’s been the magazine’s HQ for the past 22 years. In celebration of the space and all it means to us, we invited modelling’s American sweetheart Gigi Hadid to, well, trash it. 

In this short film, shot by Rankin and styled by Katie Grand (Dazed’s co-founder and its first fashion director), Gigi is captured doing just that: climbing on desks, smashing up computers, graffitiing the (very expensive) lightbox – even inflicting irreparable damage to this writer’s office chair.

“Gigi has that effortless quality about her,” Rankin said. “I’ve worked with some of the best models, and she’s up there with those types of supermodels. She’s also got an absolutely natural ability to act, which is pretty unique in a model. I’m really excited to see where she goes from here because she’s got all the raw potential.”

However Gigi’s involvement in our anniversary celebrations doesn’t end at destruction of office property – she’s also one of our covers and is interviewed by two of her biggest fans: 13-year-old Lila Moss Hack and her best friend Stella Jones. Together they discuss boyfriends, body confidence and being true to yourself.

“I think that more than teaching what body types are correct, it’s important to teach that we are putting models out there who are confident in their bodies,” she tells them. “I think that’s where we should start: teaching models to put out a body image that they are happy and comfortable with, so that girls who relate to them know it's coming from a good place.”