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Tinashe Dazed Sean Seng Gucci tongue fire flame lighter
Silk duchesse bomber with embroidery detail Gucci SS16, earrings Gillian Horsup at Grays AntiquesPhotography Sean & Seng, fashion Robbie Spencer; taken from the winter 2015 issue of Dazed

Ten questions with Tinashe

We take a moment with the R&B star and former Dazed cover girl just before she lights up the launch party of Diesel’s new BAD fragrance

“Yeah, I deserved it! I was speeding!” laughs Tinashe, recalling the time she last time she did something ‘bad’ – getting a ticket. She’s backstage in Paris, about to take to the stage for the launch party of Diesel’s new BAD fragrance, fanning herself to keep cool (it’s about 30 degrees, and she’s zipped into a leather minidress). Since bursting on the scene with smash “2 On”, the effervescent American has teamed up with the likes of A$AP Rocky, DJ Mustard and SchoolBoy Q, gone on tour with Nicki Minaj, and, of course, scored the cover of Dazed, for which she held a flaming lighter to her tongue (yes, really). Before the performance, we sat down for ten quick fire questions.

In your Dazed cover, did you actually light your tongue?!

Tinashe: Yes! It was the last shot of the day, right, so they were like, just trust us, just get your tongue really wet... I was like, you better get this shot, I’m only doing this, like twice – I was scared! But yeah, you just have to get your tongue super wet, that’s the trick. So it won’t catch on fire. Yeah it was sick, I loved that whole shoot, it was so good. It was one of my favourites ever.

What smell reminds you of home?

Tinashe: Probably jasmine. I have a plant in front of my house that’s a night-blooming jasmine. So every time I walk out of the house at night it’s very very fragrant – whenever I smell something jasmine-scented it reminds me of home.

Whose wardrobe do you most want to raid?

Tinashe: Rihanna, or Solange. I need both! ‘Cos I really like Solange’s – obviously her sense of style is just so different and cool and unique, and then Rihanna’s got like, really awesome shit.

Can you describe your personal style in three words?

Tinashe: Eclectic, sporty, sexy.

What trend do you hope never makes a comeback?

Tinashe: Oh, belts on the waist outside of a shirt – not attached to pants. You know when they used to do that?

Did you have any awkward teenage fashion phases?

Tinashe: Yeah, the belts around the waist! I pretty much just went through a real stage when I didn’t give a fuck about what anyone thought. Which is in theory a really good theory, but then…you kind of have to care a little (laughs). That’s when I started doing my hair when I went out. And things like that.

“You just have to get your tongue super wet. That’s the trick. So it won’t catch on fire” – Tinashe

What’s your favourite outfit that you’ve worn in a video?

Tinashe: In a video, probably... let’s see. Let me think. Probably my music video for “All Hands On Deck”. I had these sequined sparkly pants – leggings. And we spray painted them, so we kind of destroyed them, and I thought they were fucking awesome.

What would you wear to ride out the apocalypse?

Tinashe: Shit, sweat pants, sneakers – stuff that I can use to survive! I’m trying to live, I’m not trying to look good! I want to be able to run, jump, hunt (laughs), hide. All black.

Who would you want to spend a day in Paris with?

Tinashe: Hmm. Karl Lagerfeld. I don’t know if it would be fun, but it would be interesting. Definitely interesting!

What’s one thing you think everyone should do in Paris?

Tinashe: Drink some French wine!

Diesel’s new BAD fragrance is out in August.