Watch Harley Weir’s heady ode to India

Grace Wales Bonner’s world is filtered via the people and places of India in an exclusive film that brings the spring/summer issue shoot to life

From Delhi to Junagadh, and from dusk to sundown, Grace Wales Bonner and Harley Weir’s arresting visual journey through India makes for a rich study of the country's nuanced masculinity. This exclusive film brings to life the spring/summer issue cover story, which saw the duo team with stylist Tom Guinness and features Wales Bonner's designs – including her feted SS16 collection, inspired by the story of Ethiopian slave-turned-Indian ruler Malik Ambar. “Malik Ambar brought me to India for the second time”, muses Wales Bonner in the feature. “I was drawn there to connect with Siddhis, Afro-Indians. I was brought there to reflect on displacement, migration and exchange across the Indian ocean.”

In Harley Weir's film of their travels, the diegetic beats of ritualistic washing create a rhythmic backdrop upon which the male form is shot dancing, chanting, boxing, singing. An exuberant, humourous figure emerges, in constant shift and play. Read Wales Bonner’s poetic journal of her journey to India, and see exclusive images from the shoot, here.