Tom Guinness


Lil Nas X – autumn 2019 8
MusicThe story of Lil Nas X, a country-trap cowboy born online
Lil Nas X - autumn 2019
MusicDazed Goes West with Lil Nas X
Tisvilde — autumn/winter 2017
FashionThis film explores the magic and mystery of a modern family
Gabber Agonistes – Spring/Summer 2017
MusicIndustrial Revolution: the second coming of gabber
The Love With Which I Wash
FashionTripping through Grace Wales Bonner and Harley Weir’s India
FashionWatch Harley Weir’s heady ode to India
Vejas LR_2cover
FashionThe designer behind NY’s new underground fashion gang
Grace Wales Bonner AW15 feature Fashion East
FashionGrace Wales Bonner: setting menswear’s new agenda
NY underground-longread_
FashionTrip through New York’s fashion underground