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Leomie Anderson
Leomie Anderson@leomieanderson via Instagram

Leomie Anderson pens open letter on consent and saying no

In a new blog post directed at her younger readers, Leomie Anderson discusses issues of slut-shaming and sexual assault

British model Leomie Anderson is once again making her voice heard, this time in an open letter addressing the increasing pressure on young women to share sexualised images of themselves, as well as the slut-shaming that follows.

Writing on her blog, Cracked China Cup, the 23-year-old appealed to her younger readership to think of the consequences before sharing intimate photos and asked them to say no if they were being pressurised.

“I want you to know that if he/she doesn’t want to accept your ‘no’ then he/she doesn’t respect you or your voice,” she writes, “so why should they be entitled to your body in any way, shape, form or Snapchat?”

The  Jeremy Scott and Vivienne Westwood favourite, who appeared in the 2011 Channel 4 series of The Model Agency, also spoke of how her career as a model has helped her learn to say no: “As a model, consent to sharing my image and having it taken is a big part of my job and at 23 I am grown and have my own voice and will always vocalise if I don’t want to do something or don’t feel comfortable on a shoot.”

“When I was younger, if I felt uncomfortable with anything, I knew I could call my agency and get them to say no,” she goes on to write, “When you’re at school, you don’t have that.”

Anderson then speaks directly to girls at odds with sexual pressure and the internet age. She continued: “It's a decision that takes a second to agree to but also only a second to be shared with others who you haven't consented to seeing it… I just want you all to know that you do have the option to say NO.”

Earlier this year, Anderson took to Twitter to call out a make-up artist for only having one shade of foundation for black skin, calling attention to a wider problem of inequality in the fashion industry. 

“Why can a white model confidentially (sic) sit in anyone's chair and feel confident they'll look okay but black models have to worry?” she tweeted, “WE NEED MORE MAKE-UP ARTISTS AND HAIR WHO ARE COMPETENT WITH ALL RACES BACKSTAGE AT SHOWS.”

Head here to read Anderson’s full blog entry.