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Academy for Men

Dazed Digital talk to the Editor of Academy for Men a new online lifestyle magazine, which celebrates Australia and the talent it encompasses.

Rhys Ripper has a mission, the Editor-in-Chief of Academy for Men, a new online men's magazine aims to offer a forward thinking view of Australia to his young predominantly male readership. The education is now almost three publications in, with each issue downloadable for free (including in the UK) it is only a matter of time before it's teachings spread like bushfire. Dazed Digital talk candidly to Rhys about his plans for the magazine and why he felt the time was right for Australia to step forward and be counted.

Dazed Digital: How did Academy for Men first come about?

Rhys Ripper: Australia needed a men's magazine that focused on discovering and showcasing the talent in our own backyard. I wanted to provide role models.

DD: Why did you decide to do a purely online magazine?
Rhys Ripper: I wanted to test and educate the market first before we went go print. Australia doesn't have a magazine like this so it’s all part of the plan. I knew the Aussie male was ready for Academy for Men, but I didn't want to jump the gun.
DD: Who is the magazine aimed at?
Rhys Ripper: Guys aged 18-30yrs who are looking for a different take of Australia than what we have here.
DD: What about the girls? Is there something for them?
Rhys Ripper: We've found the female fellowship has been growing like crazy, I'm assuming they can find a lot of the magazine appealing, if not entirely!

DD: Who are your personal role models?
Rhys Ripper: All my friends are actually, a pussy answer but its true, all my friends work in the industry whether in fashion, photography, sport, music and art, they all inspire me to push myself harder.
DD: The most memorable people you’re worked with on the magazine to date?
Rhys Ripper: I like to surround myself with people that are a bit mad and fun, otherwise it gets boring. Most memorable would have to be Trevor King, I love this guy and we have the best time working together.
DD: Who would you like to work with in the future?
Rhys Ripper: I actually haven't got a wish list, most people I want to work with I meet randomly when out drinking with my mates, I'll get talking to someone, find out what they do and either want them in the mag or working on the mag. Also most dudes hear about AFM and contact us to tell me their story, I'm always here to help and promote new talent.
DD: Tell us about the next issue - what’s the concept?
Rhys Ripper: Issue 3 is the Australian issue. I wanted to give Australia and the world some clarity on what 's really going on down-under.