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Rodarte & Other Stories
Courtesy of & Other Stories

Your first look at Rodarte’s & Other Stories collection

To celebrate the collab, designers Laura and Kate Mulleavy have made a playlist encapsulating its mood – listen here

Designers Laura and Kate Mulleavy of Rodarte are famed for their ability to create an immersive world surrounding their collections, often drawing inspiration from childhood memories and their lives in California. Music also plays a key part in their world, so it should come as no surprise that for their upcoming collaboration with & Other Stories, the sisters took to Spotify to compile an extensive playlist to accompany the collection.

Among the artists chosen are David Bowie, whose classic hit “Life on Mars’’ features alongside Nina Simone’s “Suzanne”, Lauryn Hill’s “The Ex-Factor” and a sprawling electronic track cherry-picked from Kraftwerk’s seminal album, The Man Machine. Other, perhaps more unlikely choices include Ciconne Youth’s 80s cover of Robert Palmer’s “Addicted to Love”, as well as a cut from J Dilla’s Donuts – a diverse soundscape emblematic of Rodarte’s eclectic references. The playlist will be streamed in-store as visitors shop the collection.

As for the collection itself, the intention was to create a capsule wardrobe which suited the California lifestyle. “For us, it was important to create go-to wardrobe staples: a great jacket, dress, skirt, blouse, sweater, shoes and jewellery that are completely versatile,” explained the designers. Iridescent fabrics and metallic accents were used to create an element of three-dimensionality and a variation in texture, creating subtle glints of light designed to catch the eye. The results are a fusion of Rodarte’s distinctive aesthetic and the Swedish retailer’s own contemporary identity, cementing its ability to exist in both the high street and high fashion worlds. 

The collection drops on March 17, so keep an eye out in stores and on – and check out the playlist below in the meantime.