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Up close at Hood By Air by Peter Kaaden - Dazed Digital
Up close at Hood By AirPhotography Peter Kaaden

Getting intimate with NYFW’s most extreme beauty looks

We sent photographer Peter Kaaden down to get under the skin of the models at Hood By Air – see the images here

With Hood By Air, skin matters. What’s hidden is as important as what’s revealed, with flesh playing a game of peekaboo – glimpses of it showing off unexpected erogenous zones as knees or shoulders are shown by cutaway fabric. This season, the label’s designer Shayne Oliver played with disrupting uniforms, cutting up and reconstructing shirts and schoolboy shorts. Throwing this back-to-class (or detention) theme off-kilter was the make-up worn by models, a look created by legendary artist Inge Grognard. Resembling the extreme contouring favoured by draq queens, Kardashians and YouTube vloggers alike, the make-up remained unblended, stark streaks of white and brown marking models’ faces like a new kind of warpaint. 

This season, we sent photographer Peter Kaaden down to the show to capture the models in his unique, almost too close for comfort style. From facial tattoos to severe zig-zag fringes and jutting shoulder blades, see the shots in the gallery above.

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