Scorpions meet surrealism in this trippy fashion film

Fashion East alumnus Alan Crocetti shows his latest collection in a new short by Amy Gwatkin

While in the past, jewellery designer Alan Crocetti has looked to reckless skateboarders and David Fincher's 1999 classic Fight Club for inspiration, creating silver nose bandages and reimagined boxer's tape, this season he took his cues from surrealism. “I was inspired by the visual artist Man Ray, scorpions (my star sign is Scorpio and I've always been obsessed by the animal) and Salvador Dalí's Meditative Rose (my only tattoo, that sits on my chest),” he explained of the references behind his latest fashion film, directed by Amy Gwatkin and styled by Dazed’s Emma Wyman. These influences literally appear in the video – with a cereal bowl filled with blooms and IRL scorpions creeping around models as they walk through a house filled with sand. Watch it in all its trippy glory above.