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Molly Goddard AW15, 70s, Tulle, Prom
Molly Goddard AW15Photography Philip Trengove

Molly Goddard AW15

Private school girls in last night’s party dresses sketching a male nude to the sounds of the 70s

Initial reaction:

Breaking out of boarding school to go to the ball – and making it back at dawn just in time for an early morning art class.

Study of a nude:

Many entering the BFC presentation space at Somerset House last night will have felt a distinct twinge of nostalgia. For AW15, designer Molly Goddard transformed the space into an art classroom, complete with paints and brushes, still life compositions and even a stoically unfazed nude life model. In tulle dresses worn over felt trousers, smocks and 70s corduroy, her street-cast gang of girls worked on sketches, chatting and interacting with the space. “They’re creative,” explained Goddard of her model muses. “I like for them to be able to relax, move around and interact – not be stuck in one place!" 

Art school antics:

A mix of The Rolling Stones, Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix blasted from the speakers. “We were thinking about what your rebellious playlist would be if you were at boarding school in the 70s,” said Goddard of the soundtrack. “I like to think that these girls are a little bit naughty.”

The soundtrack to Molly Goddard AW15: