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Vivienne Westwood AW15 womenswear Dazed bone jewellery
Backstage at Vivienne Westwood AW15Photography Chloé Le Drezen

Vivienne Westwood Red Label AW15

Get a life – the godmother of punk urges the public to vote green with statement clutches and telltale knee-high socks

Initial reaction:

I am an activist woman in faintly 80s tailoring, hear me roar. A baby screamed, then a disquieting espionage-like soundtrack came on as the models walked out in abstract tiger stripes with their warrior game faces on and long, fake nails – matched by the glittery claw bracelets that clutched their wrists. 

Vote Green:

After dedicating the AW15 menswear show to Prince Charles’ green and charitable endeavours, Westwood used her Red Label platform to urge everyone to ‘Vote Green’ – splashed across her show note manifesto in bold, red letters. Here, she talked about how her girl is an art lover who thinks culture is very, very important: “If we had true culture we would not be in the situation we’re in. Culture has been replaced by consumption – which is quite a different thing,” Westwood wrote, continuing: “At the moment we are controlled by the 1% of the world population who are in power. They preach consumption, and they preach war, and they’re taking us into disaster. We are in incredible danger. There is no point in voting for the others. She [Westwood’s girl] is going to vote Green.” 

Be heard:

When the world is shit (or CHAOS, as the sheer knee high socks spelled out) you need a bit of random silliness and a comforting pick-me-up. Enter prom-worthy dresses and bags with teddy bears or kitschy kitten motifs, or clutches emblazoned in copper handwriting with ‘Get a life’ followed by a heart.

Soundtrack written & produced by Dominik Emrich & Show Finale by Kap Bambino Texas