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ASTRID ANDERSEN AW15 Menswear Outerwear Fur
Alessio Pozzi (Quest) backstage at Astrid Andersen AW15Photography Lea Colombo

Astrid Andersen AW15

Andersen’s health goth tribe become NYC ballers in mink jerseys

Initial reaction:

Basketball bros feelin’ Devin Troy Strother’s Space Jam.

Empire state of mind:

“That skyline and that backdrop means everything,” said Andersen, ecstatically pointing out of the window to a freezing February New York. The city has long been an inspiration for Anderson’s designs, so it was only right she brought her AW15 capsule collection to its “aesthetic home.” Her bespoke boys were definitely dressed for the weather – “We always present a few fur pieces,” explained Andersen, as her basketball team bobbed down the runway in lightweight sliced mink jerseys, matching fur hats and military berets. The boys have more cash money than they did in their health goth days, and donned Swakara furs à la Diddy. 

Baller beats:

Completing what she started at last season’s London Collections: Men, Andersen explained that this collection is “that loud shit” – and the soundtrack served up the final slam dunk. Travis Scott’s “Sky Fall”, with its hard beat and free-flowing lyrics, brought home the idea that the guy Andersen is designing for, “has attitude and can really pull it off” – like Ray Allen in Spike Lee’s 90s classic, he got game.

The soundtrack to Astrid Andersen AW15: