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Thom Browne AW15 Mens Netting Face Masks Tie Embroidery
Backstage at Thom Browne AW15Photography Fernando Uceda

Thom Browne AW15

With veils and top hats, a parade of black-clad mourners pay their respects on the runway

Initial reaction:

A darkly theatrical opening (a man rising from a bed, dressing in black, and then apparently shuffling off this mortal coil) set the stage for a parade of mourners to make their way down a white runway, dusted with black snow. 

Gothic gang:

Models were tailoring-clad coffin carriers solemnly marching straight out of the mind of Tim Burton, sporting long, straight-cut skirts, crushed velvet jackets and recently-widowed Victoriana veils. Though the garments were somber, the designs showed a playfulness – fur lined, above-the-knee coats were worn with bare legs and socks. 

How it was worn:

With faces hidden behind lace and mesh, silk top hats, felt wigs and Orthodox-esque fedoras. The black-on-black was somewhat offset with prints, embroideries and details – including small silver whale charms.