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Acne AW15 lookbook, Dazed
Acne AW15

Acne AW15

Teddy boy football hooligans making a statement for gender equality

Initial reaction:

Teddy boy meets country rah meets football hooligan. A clash of English style archetypes that Jonny Johansson was inspired by. “The idea was to give men what makes them feel comfortable and secure: English tailoring, donkey jackets, football,” he said. Then there is the new silhouette of the sport leggings: I wanted to explore what it means to feel masculine, and fit into what we understand as men’s style.” The mix up reflects today’s genre clashing and the dissolution of the distinct style tribes of yesteryear.


A stuffed polar bear guarded the sumptuous and eclectically adorned rooms of the Museum of Hunting and Nature where the presentation took place. The windows were blocked off by LED screens - a contrast with the pale blue, gilt and brocade of the room.

Feminist scarves:

Instead of football teams, these lads were fighting the good fight with gender equality, as their scarves read “Woman Power” and “Radical Feminist”. It was a welcome juxtaposition to the machismo of tailoring and sportswear on show.