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Pigalle AW15 Mens Close Up Flannel Hood Blue Buttons Gold
Backstage at Pigalle AW15Photography Marie-Amélie Tondu

Pigalle AW15

The Paris streetwear kings mash up cultures in their official runway debut – a performance show in the Palais Garnier

Initial reaction:

This was Pigalle’s formal debut at Paris fashion week and it was a proper performance, as opposed to a straight forward fashion show – which befits the settings of the Palais Garnier. Instead of principal ballet dancers, models swaggered slowly down the central staircase in a cacophony of hybridised ensembles. The focus wasn’t on clothes so much as it was about celebrating the culture which surrounds this Parisian store, founded by Stéphane Ashpool. He called it “Musique therapie” as the show opened with Oko Ebombo’s soulful vocals. It then segued into a dance performance and also featured Ashpool’s godfather Larry Vickers, who strutted around like a sapeur dandy. An operatic finale concluded this musical treat, chiming in with the clothes note for note.  

The setting: 

It was a privilege to be in the Palais Garnier Opera at night, watching this clash of genres – both in terms of the music and the clothes. A$AP Rocky in his full length fur coat fitted right in to this rare night of opulent indulgence.

Escaping the clichés:

Pigalle, the store in Paris, may be a streetwear destination – but its own line escapes the clichés of the genre, as it mashed up global influences with sportswear staples. For instance, Moroccan djellaba robes with tracksuit bottoms and baseball jacket silks? Why not.

Watch Drake, A$AP Ferg and FKA twigs get down in this video from the Pigalle mansion at Art Basel Miami: