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Vivienne Westwood AW15 chaos beanie, Menswear, Dazed
Max Jackson (Nevs) backstage at Vivienne Westwood AW15Photography Virginia Arcaro

Vivienne Westwood AW15 + livestream

The original queen of punk embraces the monarchy – bringing suited boys to the Milan catwalks in an ode to the ‘visionary’ environmentalist Prince Charles

Initial reaction: 

Prince Charles’ wardrobe – from Savile Row elegance to highland knitwear – seen through a Vivienne Westwood lens. Tartan, windowpane checks, argyle and double-breasted suits filed down the runway in a show that paid homage to the Prince of Wales and his environmental efforts, and warned us through an ominous movie poster-style t-shirt with an oil tower print what will happen if we keep draining the earth of its resources.

Westwood <3 Prince Charles:

Westwood has always raided the royal dressing up box and the finery of Elizabeth I, but as the show note manifesto from her and Andreas Kronthaler explained, this was, more than anything, a tribute to Prince Charles as an eco warrior and organic farmer. In her letter, Westwood called him a visionary, noting how he had “already realised that we must live in harmony with the earth” when she was involved with the punk movement in the seventies. “Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, has used his royal status to help the human race. He has worked indefatigably to do only good. I am astonished by what he has achieved,” the letter continued, as Westwood spoke of his charities that all “put people first”, rather than government policies that “always puts business first”. In an age where world leaders and the general population continue to disregard environmental issues, this felt like an especially relevant message from Westwood and Kronthaler, who summed up their manifesto by noting that if Prince Charles had ruled the world over the last twenty years, we’d be tackling climate change by now. 

Money, money, money:

A witty money print suit and tracksuit covered in scribbles of ‘LONDON’ made an apparent dig at banker-style greed and mindless consumerism – seen elsewhere in the shopping bags that models carried down the catwalk.

The soundtrack to Vivienne Westwood AW15: