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Sibling AW15 LC:M Dazed backstage
Backstage at Sibling AW15Photography Virginia Arcaro

Sibling AW15

Knitted teddy bears, pink haired cherry bomb punks and paper bag princes take the knitwear trio back to their roots

Initial reaction:

On Wednesdays we wear pink. The Runaways’ “Cherry Bomb” heralded in a new punk rallying cry of “Sibling hot pink” through latex, knits and teddy bear brooches.

Think pink:

“When we first started at Sibling, we did quite a few collections that were just based on this very, very hot pink colour and it became known quite quickly as being a Sibling pink,” said a bubblegum-haired Cozette McCreery, one-third of the Sibling design trio, backstage. “It was about going back to what we thought was really, really pure Sibling, so doing the colour made a huge amount of sense.” The fluro pinks manifested in mohair jumpers, baggy knits, chelsea boots and a uniform pink-painted Dairy Queen curl ‘do. It was a one-way, over-indulgent trip to the cupcakery with Maggie Prescott, and no regrets.

Paper bag princes:

“That comes from when you're at school and you’re given notebooks,” says McCreery of the craftily tailored brown lunch bag suits and accessories. Turning their DIY aesthetic up to 11, the crushed paper trousers and suit jackets were accented with giant teddy bears made of paper. “A lot of people at school would change their notebooks or maybe put brown paper on there to make them more their own. DIY. It’s like you might write your crappy band’s name on it, or your boyfriend’s name. It’s about taking your uniform and making it your own.” 

The soundtrack to Sibling AW15: