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Justin Bieber and Lara Stone for Calvin Klein Mert Marcus
Justin Bieber and Lara Stone for Calvin Klein JeansMert Alas and Marcus Piggott

Lara Stone receives death threats over Calvin Klein campaign

Let's just say you don't touch Justin Bieber without the approval of his fans

Here's a sentence I never thought I'd write: Lara Stone has received online death threats from diehard Justin Bieber fans. Apparently, some Beliebers have not taken well to seeing Stone get pretty up close and personal with their idol in the new Calvin Klein campaign.

The 31-year-old Dutch model has received a torrent of abuse on social media since announcing the release of the campaign yesterday. TMZ reports that some fans have been even more explicit on Twitter, with one writing: "hi bitch i hate u. touch justins dick again and ill kill u im not joking." 

Beliebers are especially displeased with the campaign video, which shows Stone running her hands across a topless Bieber's chest and jeans-clad groin.  

Another fan warned: "back off or i'll kill you, please and thanks. no pressure."

Funny? Sure, if you find the idea of teenage girls getting this worked up over a fashion campaign hilarious. But we're sure Stone's not having a fun time of it. Dealing with online death threats – even ones accompanied by emoji and bad spelling – is not exactly a walk in the park.

Stone's Instagram account has also been flooded by trolls with messages like "Go kill yourself with a cactus" (interesting choice of weapon there), although many of the comments have now been deleted. 

Calvin Klein or Stone have yet to acknowledge the threats. Maybe all publicity is good publicity?  

Watch the campaign video below: