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Cara Delevingnevia

Cara Delevingne and A$AP Ferg battle it out in walk-off

Like Zoolander, but in real life

Models get namedropped in rap songs all the time; it's a rare breed who actually respond to the shoutout. That's exactly what happened last night with Cara Delevingne and A$AP Ferg.

On the track "Dope Walk" off his new mixtape Ferg Forever, the rapper spits the line: "I'm on my gangster lean like a dope fiend / My walk's meaner than Cara Delevingne". Was Delevingne going to let that slide? Nope. 

Delevingne then tried to... Twitter rap?

You thought it was all going to end in Tumblr gifs? Weak, Ferg. Shortly afterwards, Delevingne posted this video on her Instagram with the words: "IT'S A WALK OFF @asapferg AND I WON! #DONEANDDUSTED."

A$AP Ferg had no choice but to retaliate: 

I would pay good money to see Ferg recreate this walk on a Chanel runway. Come on, Karl, make it happen.

So who won? We do, because we probably just saw a plot point from Zoolander 2 play out in real life. 

Listen to "Dope Walk" below: