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Vivienne Westwood SS15, womenswear, Dazed
Vivienne Westwood SS15Photography Philip Trengove

Vivienne Westwood Red Label SS15

Dame Vivienne says 'YES' to Scottish independence and reveals a collection of pin-striped power suits with granddaughter Cora Corre

Initial reaction:

Westwood proudly declares her support for Scottish independence. Ever the anarchist, she reminded us of the power fashion has to carry political messages. In this case, it was about allowing Scotland to “march into the future.”

Statement dressing:

Westwood’s silhouettes became a play on Thatcherism in the form of 80s pinstripe power dressing, with big shoulder pads and lapels that seemed almost 3D – complete with shiny 'YES' badges pinned to them. What began as a slightly sombre and muted colour palette gradually moved into bold floral prints (taking the form of organza dresses), which ran alongside all the Westwood staples we've come to know and love – pirate hats, asymmetric draping and skirts worn backwards.  

The allure of Val Garland:

These days a Westwood show doesn't feel complete without the anarchistic touch of make-up artist Val Garland. Playing on child-like sensibilities, red lips were smudged with lines that appeared to be drawn on by pre-teen girls, lashes were extended to the extreme (perhaps a reference to Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange) and model's emerged with stick on velvet eyebrows. 

The soundtrack to Vivienne Westwood SS15: