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Karl Lagerfeld by Toiletpaper, animated by FashGIF

Karl Lagerfeld hits the cover for BoF's new issue

Cult provocateurs Toilet Paper have created the cover of Business of Fashion's latest ‘Polymaths and Multitaskers’ – and Lagerfeld has been brought to life by FashGIF

When you think about Karl Lagerfeld, the closest association isn't usually "Hinduism", but Business of Fashion's (BoF) latest cover depicts the Kaiser channelling the spirit of the multi-limbed goddess Durga, albeit bedecked in a par for the course black suit and some trademark fingerless black gloves on each of his newly gained eight hands.

The 2014 BoF 500 list will be revealed on 22 September – the hotly anticipated who's who of influential names in the fashion industry. A week prior to the announcement, BoF's latest issue "Polymaths and Multitaskers" hits shops. Equally as talented a designer as he is cameraman, the irrevocably influential icon Lagerfeld makes an obvious candidate for the cover.

After deciding on a cover star, BoF teamed up with Toilet Paper, the playfully provocative pop art mag founded by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari, the artists who shot the back section art project in the latest issue of Dazed.

Toilet Paper created the cover image of Karl with no less than eight arms "giving him all the hands he needs to get his mountain of non-stop work done." In order to breathe another new life into the image, Greta Larkins aka FashGif animated the colours in the background. Check out the shimmering fashion deity at the top of the article.

Toilet Paper are also featured in the BoF issue – pre-order yours here and keep your ears to the ground for the big BoF 500 reveal.