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Backstage at Chromat SS15 Dazed NYFW
Backstage at Chromat SS15Photography Paolo Musa

Chromat SS15

Inspired by American artist Sol LeWitt, Chromat present a vision of precise beauty, rendered in geometric shapes and 3D printed elements

Initial reaction:

The body (all kinds of bodies) adorned in data sets: structured lines and intricate, geometric scaffolding still evoke regality. Crowns, hip bustles and trains recall powerful queens whose beauty is enhanced by precise calculations.

Lines of influence:

The collection was inspired by Sol LeWitt's Wall Drawing series - an instructional guide for creating a drawing on a determined wall. Chromat's Becca McCharen drew comparisons with wearable technology that tracks athletic movement, which she incorporated into the collection as accessories. As you follow a workout regimen, the data collected turns the body's movement into art. Her tech explorations extend too to 3D printed bra cups, pockets and face masks, the later of which we wouldn't be surprised to see in a future Beyoncé video. 

Human after all:

But if Chromat's human/robot hybrid garments make you wonder if there's room for heart, check this: after McCharen took her post-show bow, she pulled out her design team, who one by one popped into the runway to see the applauding crowd and take their own shy bows, almost tripping over each other with excitement. 

See the finale of Chromat's tech-royal SS15 collection on our Instagram below: