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Deconstructing Milan menswear SS15 Begüm Boré
BMW x Kvadrat Dwelling Lab and Calvin Klein Collection SS15 by Italo Zucchelli

Deconstructing Milan SS15

Versace leads a 'Great Escape' as Begüm Boré deconstructs the Milan collections through abstract automobiles

A Great Escape was closed by Versace and A Great Escape 2 inescapably opens by Versace. Inspired this season by her trips to Cuba (fact), Versace's Donatella now decides to take Calvin's Italo to Italo Calvino's birthplace Santiago de las Vegas in Cuba. 

"It was as if no one could escape the inexorable stare of Medusa" wrote Italo Calvino, Italy's most important post-war novelist, in his Six Memos For The Next Millennium. And when asked why Gianni chose the Medusa as the house’s symbol, "He told me he thought that whoever falls in love with the Medusa can’t flee from her", said Donatella.

After Santiago de las Vegas would come Cape San Antonio, and A Great Escape to Cape San Antonio would literarily call for an Antonio. So Donatella also captures an Antonio. And MSGM and Andrea Pompilio. Not before long, Donatella realises that her BMW x Kvadrat is being followed by a BMW x Kvadrat x Raf Simons. One will surely remember Kvadrat from Raf Simons/Sterling Ruby AW14. SS15 looks well on its way.