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"I mean, I like it, but I'm definitely not buying it"via

Fauxsumerism: shopping for the intern generation

The latest consumerist fashion trend for millenials is browsing without actually buying anything

Millennials – that's you and I – are accused of many things. We're self-absorbed, chronically lazy and risk-averse. And now a new study has identified the definitive way we consume fashion: fauxsumerism. Basically, that means we love browsing, but not buying.  

According to WWD, the biggest challenging facing retailers is "converting browsers into buyers". A survey conducted by the Intelligence Group polled 1,300 millennials to find out more about how they consume fashion, and discovered that we're a generation of window shoppers who will endlessly put off purchasing anything, instead adding them to wishlists and putting them into online shopping baskets and closing the page until we deem it absolutely necessary to buy or some baby boomer gets there first.  

According to the study, we're still into "stuff" and the prospect of attaining it, but we're too poor and tight to actually go through with it. (Those exorbitant student loans might be one reason why.) That's bad news for brands, and bad news for your newsfeed: do you really need to see that picture of the Supreme x Nike trainers longingly reblogged on your Tumblr dashboard one more time? 

All seems rather sad, doesn't it? Where's the study that concludes we've developed into an anti–materialistic, self-sufficient youth culture? Turns out we still want to die surrounded by clothes and trainers – we're just too poor to own them.