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Exclusive: Versace X Migos playlist

‘I told that bitch, Versace': Migos tell Donatella what she should be playing this AW14 season

Atlanta rap trio Migos (Offset, Quavo and Takeoff) were responsible for the most contagious fash track of 2013 with Versace, their ode to Medusa heads, printed sleeves and silk drawers. The song went viral, Drake did a remix of it, Frank Ocean wrote bars dissing Chris Brown to it (but sadly never recorded his version) and soon it was the soundtrack to the next Versace runway show. On the eve of the AW14 show, Migos have picked a trap-bounce-EDM-R&B playlist they think would be the perfect accompaniment to Donatella’s latest creations, featuring OutKast, Uzi, Bieber and their fine selves – which you can listen to below. We caught up with them in the Deep South to talk about their obsession…you got it: Versace.

Dazed Digital: How was it having your song played at the Versace show?

Migos: It’s a blessing. It shows what we came from and that our music is really touching people around the world. We setting a trend and we going down in fashion history!

DD: When did you find out your song was going to be used? 

Migos: We saw a video on YouTube of the show. Before that we didn’t have a clue.

DD: Do you wish you’d been invited to the show in Milan? You should have been there!

Migos: Oh yeah – they should have had us perform.

DD: Have you met Donatella yet?

Migos: Not yet – we haven’t had the chance. We’ve been so busy.

DD: How long was it between the track dropping and it being in the Versace show?    

Migos: Right after the video dropped, it got millions of hits on YouTube. About a month after the video dropped, we saw it on the fashion show.

DD: The video shoot (in a pretend Versace mansion) looked like lots of fun. Tell us about that.        

Migos: We shot the video in a mansion in LA. All the clothes were out of our closet – that’s how we walk around normally, with Versace. We just brought our regular life to it. It felt just natural, but it was bringing a richer life.

DD: Drake was on the Versace track and Frank Ocean wrote lyrics. How did that feel?           

Migos: It’s inspirational. The first time round we get Drake and Frank Ocean. The next time round we want Madonna and Lady Gaga.

DD: Do you think Frank Ocean should record his one?         

Migos: No – he should kick a new verse on a new song. He already wrote that verse.

DD: Are you still wearing a lot of Versace?

Migos: We’re wearing Versace, but also Givenchy and Louboutin. We’re coming out with our own clothing line called YRN (Young Rich Niggas, the name of their last mixtape).

DD: Have you ever worn fake Versace or is it always the real deal?          

Migos: Oh no – every time real deal. Everything we do is authentic, 1000%. We get it at the store!

DD: Have you been to many fashion shows?

Migos: No, we don’t do stuff like that. We just walk into the stores.

DD: Will your YRN label have shows?

Migos: Oh yeah, YRN clothing is going to be as big as Sean John, mark my word.

DD: Who would you have on your front row? 

Migos: My momma.

DD: Very good. Anyone else?       

Migos: The artists on our label.

DD: Would you have Anna Wintour?   

Migos: Oh yeah. She got to be on the front row.

DD: Have you ever been to the Versace mansion in Miami? 

Migos: Yeah I’ve been there before. I was really young when he (Gianni) was killed, but the rappers that we grew up listening to, like Biggie, always wore that, so we wanted to keep it going, keep that flavour. At the same time, we want to bring a new twist to it.

DD: Do you think it’s funny that all these macho, sometimes homophobic rappers were wearing clothes designed by a gay man?

Migos: We like to wear what we want to wear, and it ain’t got nothing to do with nobody’s personal life. If someone makes good clothes, they make good clothes. Like if they make good music, they make good music.

DD: A$AP Rocky has that song 'Fashion Killa' – he’s singing about having a fashiony girlfriend. Do you want fashiony girls, or do you not care?

Migos: We from Atlanta – we dress our girls up! We bring 'em up.

DD: I’ve seen the The Real Housewives of Atlanta - the girls like to dress up down there.

Migos: Yeah, they real bad. You should come to Atlanta!

DD: I’d love to! What do you think about the relationship between fashion and hip hop?         

Migos: They’ve been close since Nelly, P Diddy, Jay-Z, 50 Cent. Fashion is a part of hip hop. You’ve got to have your fashion, because you’ve got to have your own look.

DD: Can you all describe what you’re wearing today?

Quavo: I got me a hoodie on. It’s snakeskin with sleeves in crocodile with a gold trim on them. Robin’s jeans on with the gold studs. Then the shoes I got on are black and gold Giuseppes with the gold bar, 24k, know what I mean? I’ve got my jewellery. I got four chains on, five rings on, and all shining. And I got the biggest Versace shades on.

Offset: I got the black and white Chanel hoodie on. I also have on some Robin’s jeans that are python, black, white and grey. I have on a Versace belt with the big Medusa head. And my shoes I have on are Louboutin snakeskin loafers. That’s how I’m kicking it today. I got a simple Rolex on right now. I don’t have chains on – I’m not trying to do too much today. And four rings on.

Takeoff: I got on an all Gucci sweatsuit. And the all-black Louboutins. I just woke up, so these are my pyjama.

DD: Who does the better trainers – Louboutin or Zanotti?

Migos: They might be tied up. They both fresh. It’s a tie. I dunno. It’s a good question.

DD: And what have you got coming up with the music?

Migos: February 25, our next mixtape No Label 2 is launching. Then in the summertime, around June, we’re dropping YRN the album.