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Sister by Sibling AW14

Knitwear vamped up with crochet lingerie, unraveling leg warmers and thigh split dresses

Initial reaction:

Knitwear vamped up. Dare we say that crochet could be somewhat sexy?

Surface play:

A mish mash of rib-knits, crochet, denim, ruffles and tassels layered over crochet lingerie.


Hand crocheted jumpers, half unraveled leg warmers, pixilated knit designs, oversized scarves and hats fit for the three witches of Macbeth. Flesh exposing crochet pencil skirts were contrasted with drop hem denim skirts and culottes.


If Phoebe Collings-James was the good witch, Amra Cerkezovic was most certainly the bad. The former a vision of purity, in a white sleeved dress, with sheer crochet panels peeping through, the latter dressed in a black seductive high-thigh split dress, ruffled hemline galore.

How they wore it:

Cheeks were youthful and rosy, whilst hair was long, tousled and carefree; or pink in the case of Chloe Norgaard.

Models: Charli Spanner, Imogen Rochester (@babiepink), Marina Krtinic (@marina6666), Amra Cerkezovik, Brogan Loftus (@BroggssCB), Chloe Norgaard (@CHloeNorgaard), Kayla Clarke, Phoebe Collings James (@PhoebeTBC).