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Victoria Beckham AW14

Prints abstracted by pleats, wool coats draped in chains, and ruffles blooming over tops

TextEmma WymanPhotographyLea Colombo

Initial reaction:

Pleats, chains, ruffles. Fluid pleated backs of tailored coats; ruffles anchoring structured shift tops worn over soft luxurious trousers; and a subtle chains, draped across the shoulders of a backless knit jumper, and drawing languid wool coats together.

Fresh concepts:

A new, exciting detail for Victoria Beckham were the colourful prints abstracted by pleats. Pierre Cardin-esque black and white tops with graphic monochrome, pieced together motifs hugging the hips of trousers.

Stand out looks:

A softly pleated top with abstracted print worn with white trousers, and an outsized tweed coat in bold herringbone, slightly shrugged off the shoulders.

Model behaviour:

Dazed favourite Julia Nobis looking sophisticated and chic in black tailoring and white trousers.

I left knowing:

Exactly who the Victoria Beckham woman is.