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Hermès W 14-4837

Hermès AW14

Black on black in leather and wool push understatement to the boundaries of luxury

Initial reaction:

In a way only Hermès can, designer Véronique Nichanian pushes understatement to the very boundaries of luxury, with layers of wool and leather in subtly varied dark tones.

Hermès leathers:

Supple leather trousers in navy, black and grey fell in soft folds, while a platinum leather coat took on the role of high end rain mac. Innovative bonding techniques saw a wool jacket and coat dipped into glossy black leather.

Colour bursts:

In an entirely black collection, a cherry red and russet square holdall brought a cheery flash of colour.


A subtle mash up print of op art and animal pattern swatches adorned a shirt in varying shades of grey, while disjointed wide stripes in murky blues and reds cut across jackets and shirts.

Unexpected details:

Glossy edged blazer lapels, like they were brushed with leather, and a heavenly puffa jacket in crocodile. A knit sweater boasted random switches from uneven cable to rib knit.