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Emporio Armani AW14

Streetwear dandies in faux fur sweatshirts, iridescent mineral prints and shiny DM boots

Initial reaction:

The streetwear dandy: Armani mines a subtle youthfulness in gentlemanly cut.

From the street:

Faux fur fronts like bibs on sweatshirts felt urban, while steely grey sweatpants tapered at the ankle were cheeky under tailored jackets. High, short lapel suits and duffel coats had a certain school boy vibe, in stark contrast to conceptual, origami cut out shirts and funnel neck cardigans.

In the dark:

A dark show which thanks to crisp cuts and polished finish veered far from gloomy. The stone greys were taken from mineral colours, those iridescent tones that, on closer inspection, appear blue or plum. A set of abstract mountainous prints featured flashes of white, while thick knits mimicked the 3D surface of reptile skin.

How they wore it:

With shiny-toed Doc Marten style boots, teddy fur detachable collars and wool scarves fixed by leather strap buckles. A series of winter ski looks featured airy padded capes and knitted shorts.


Bobby Darin "Not For Me" and a cover of Duke Ellington "It Don't Mean A Thing".