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Backstage at A. SAUVAGE AW14
Backstage at A. SAUVAGE AW14Lea Colombo

A. Sauvage AW14

Rich velvet smoking jackets and anarchist prints for grown up city boy mods and punks

Initial reaction:

What mods, punks and rudeboys grew up to be.

City boy anarchy:

Sharply tailored suits for the working day, sweaters printed with the etched faces of British pound notes – scrawled out in black marker – for night. Polished stomping boots in oily green and burgundy replace the brogue, and long wool city coats are shorn off at the shoulders.

How they wore it:

Black polo necks under crisp white shirts buttoned up to the neck, with skinny ‘rat tail’ plaits hanging from the nape of the neck, and wool suit trousers pressed to perfection.

Surface details:

Python bombers in patchwork blue black and grey were scuffed and rough edged, like a love-worn hand-me-down. Tartan two-piece shirt and trousers were a riot of punk, while rich velvet smoking jackets hinted at sophisticated social lives. A check suit in soft grey appeared subtly raised and bumped, like a 3D print.

Prints please:

A graphic jaguar pattern in turquoise, purple and gold, like a digitized animal skin print. A. SAUVAGE’s monogram formed a bold diamond-like print over jackets and shirts, while a monochrome, intricate Aztec print closed the collection.