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Katie Eary AW14
Max Girkins (Supa) backstage at Katie Eary AW14Joe Ridout

Katie Eary AW14

Mickey Mouse as a punk, in poisonous red tartan, S&M leather and animalistic print

Initial reaction:

Not a punk strait-jacket, please!

But let Katie explain:

"I wanted to take the essence of punk - and more importantly the 70s Seditionaries - which was traditionally home-made…and create this aesthetic with one of the finest tailors on Savile Row, Richard Anderson. Kind of doing punk in reverse.”

Mickey Mouse Club:

Eary mined Mickey Mouse and Disney iconography and gave it a vicious twist. There were spooky mega Mickey plastic heads with punk hair sprouting out, and plastic Mickey chokers in candy colour. All part of her examination of the conflicting ideas we have of some of our culture’s most recognisable characters.

Stand out looks:

Satin shirts in an acid palette of pinks, reds and turquoise; patent leather leggings with S&M zips and bondage harnesses in roughed up tartan and leopard print. Illusionary strait-jacket sleeves bonded arms to the chest in a Vampire pose, and a grey cape coat appeared to hang just so on the shoulders. Pleated skirts billowed beneath t-shirts.


The ever-so-literal “Where Is My Mind?: by the Pixies (a nod to those strait-jackets) and “Anarchy In The UK” by the Sex Pistols (a nod to that Seditionaries style).