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Dean James (Premier) backstage at MAN: Bobby Abley AW14Shot by Lea Colombo

MAN: Bobby Abley AW14

A kitsch Disney nightmare of ghostly chiffon, silver mouth braces and menacing headwear

Initial reaction:

Disney gone over to the dark side: a kitsch horror, a wacky nightmare.


Abley played with the familiar Disney font but translated it into words like Brain and RIP. Last week Bobby Abley shared a 1929 Mickey Mouse cartoon titled ‘Haunted House’ with Dazed as his YouTube clip of AW14. Watch below.

How they wore it:

Silver mouth contraptions that looked like something out of The Cell held models mouths in a scream, while silver bullets by Alan Crocetti suggested werewolf references. Childish ghouls came in the form of ghostly grey and white chiffon shorts with frayed edges.


The show opened with "Come along and sing our song and join our family" from the Mickey Mouse Club, before crashing into M.I.A.'s Meds and Feds.


Hats by Piers Atkinson in the vein of Maleficent – Disney’s iconic villain from Sleeping Beauty – that left menacing shadows and silhouettes on the mind even after we walked away.