Model Behaviour: a dark arts special

A horror pop quiz with Jacob Mallinson Bird – model by day, drag queen by night

In the lead-up to Halloween, Dazed Digital is running a Dark Arts season inspired by our November Dark Arts issue. Among other things, we've walked the path of darkness via the Hollywood Walk of Death and talked to Don Mancini, the creator of Chucky. Check back on our Dark Arts section for a journey to hell and back. 

"Juggling being a Cambridge Uni student by day, London drag queen by night and male model has its difficulties ­– but I suppose nothing easy is worth having," explains model Jacob Mallinson Bird, better known as Dinah Lux. "God knows what I'll do after uni; but I'm sure you'll always find me if you just keep an eye out for the leggy blonde." To coincide with our dark arts takeover, we asked Jacob to re-create three cult horror looks and answer our pop quiz.

Dazed Digital: What’s your poison?

Jacob Mallinson Bird: Tequila... We have a love/hate relationship. I hate to love her. 

DD: What makes you go bump in the night?

Jacob Mallinson Bird: Masks send me into waves of uncontrollable hysteria – they are the most terrifying thing. The scarecrow guy from Batman, for example... Utterly hellish.

DD: Trick or Treat?

Jacob Mallinson Bird: Trick... 

DD: If you were a vampire, who would you like to bite?

Jacob Mallinson Bird: Is One Direction an acceptable answer? Plus, if they were bitten they'd live in constant ageless bliss - the perfect boy band. 

DD: If you could turn back time, which Halloween outfit would you erase from your memory?

Jacob Mallinson Bird: When I was very young I tried to go as a vampire and the dad from "The Little Mermaid" in the same outfit. It wasn't a cute combination.

DD: If you were a ghost, who would you come back to haunt?

Jacob Mallinson Bird: Karl Lagerfeld. Not to haunt him as such, I'd just really love to see what he looks like without sunglasses. 

DD: Who's your horror icon? 

Jacob Mallinson Bird: In terms of characters I've always loved Hannibal Lecter. In spite of the obviously unfavorable spats of cannibalism, he's so brilliantly human that you do end up kind of loving him over the franchise (just me?). In terms of directors I love Eli Roth and James Wan. I'm a massive fan of the shock-factor gore flicks, the "Saw" and "Hostel" movies in particular. Plus James Wan created the puppet from "Saw", which is possibly the most terrifying thing I have ever seen.