#Tripping journeys through Kiev

A hazy adventure through the Ukrainian city for a Resort 2014 collections preview

The weak dawn light through the windscreen and a voyeuristic snapshot of a couple on the streets: ‘In Cars’ documents stylist Nell Kalonji and filmmaker Amy Gwatkin’s journey through Kiev as they shot the resort 2014 collections. Travelling across the Ukrainian city for the shoot they captured street cast model Lada Matis in all lights of day against the backdrop of crumbling concrete apartments, bare bedrooms and time-warped streets. Gwatkin said of the film and their #tripping adventure:

"I wanted to shoot as much as possible. We didn't sleep very much, which kind of worked, as with the film I wanted to give the impression that you have of driving through a strange city at night, a bit drunk. We were so lucky to find Lada, she led us to places we never would have seen otherwise."

As Lada took the team to midnight park drinking and apartment parties, captured in the film as a hazy car drive with little direction, she introduced her friends. They can be seen in the shoot itself, wearing floral Givenchy and Chloe denim – shining a faded light on teen life in eastern Europe.

Photography and film Amy Gwatkin
Styling Nell Kalonji
Model Lada Matis
Editing Sally Mumby-Croft
Music Jamie Partridge
Casting Olena Slyesarenko
Special thanks to Nastya, Anton, Vadim, Paul