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chanel ss14_93
Photography by Lea Colombo

Chanel SS14

An homage to the art school in painterly prints, graffiti backpacks and Chanel themed artworks

Initial reaction:

Karl goes to art school.


An art gallery filled with Chanel artworks: quilted sculpture, No.5 perfume robots and a nude girl mannequin lying on a plinth and wearing white socks, which Karl had called ‘New Narcissus.’


As show goers filled the space, many took the opportunity to Instagram themselves with the artworks. Cue this morning’s feed filled with smug selfies.


A series of signature punked-up Lagerfeld tweeds opened: graphic in shape, and neon in colour. Preppy styling and sixties art student shifts marked a turn in the collection towards the art gallery context, complete with a male art student in paint swatch shirt and carrying paintbrushes and a portfolio.

Stand out looks:

In an (almost) 90 piece collection, favourites are hard to choose… Julia Nobis in a white chained and heavily embroidered waistcoat with caped back, Mondrian-esque black and white suits, and the last look paint swatch silk dress on Lindsey Wixson, billowing from the shoulders linger in the mind.

Model behaviour:

Cara Delevingne in a lilac button down tweed shift, school girl white socks and a graffitied Chanel rucksack thrown over one shoulder, jangling with key chains.

The look:

A blunt fringed bob in bleach white or black, and eye make up painted in primary colour daubs over the lid, with graphic black Cleopatra eyeliner.


Gobstopper pearls on bangles and neck cuffs, friendship bracelets, tweed fingerless gloves and graffiti totes and rucksacks.


Picasso Baby by Jay Z, as part of a soundtrack created by sound stylist Michel Gaubert.

For you to see, I'm the modern day Pablo, Picasso baby

Viral moment:

When Karl walked the entire catwalk length for his finale bow, acknowledging well-wishers and blowing kisses as he went.