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Marine Deleeuw at Elite and Caroline Brasch Nielsen at ElitePhotography by Lea Colombo

Dries Van Noten SS14

Gold weaves its way into blossoming applique, fine pleats and glittered eyelids at Dries

Initial reaction:

Folkloric myths and golden girls

Unexpected details:

Fine gold pleats which, by the final looks, grew into blossoming flower-like appliqués unfolding from the shoulder and hip.

Stand out looks:

Woven threads falling from a kimono jacket, and the incredibly sculptural gold and black ruffled appliqué that appeared towards the end.


Barbed wire, oriental floral and gold baroque prints developed from the surface into frills at the seams and 3D embroidery.


A gold backlit screen, in geometric folds stretched across the entire runway, illuminating the show space and emulating the golden pleats in the collection.


An industrial warehouse in the heart of Paris – the same space Dries takes over four times a year.

Live performance:

Every season Dries presents us with a mystery performer, and leaves show goers to figure out who they are. For SS14, it was Colin Greenwood, bassist for Radiohead. Cue smug tweets from those in the know.


Thin and very delicate gold foil invitation.


Gold glitter eyelids and a thin gold line painted into the hair parting.


An explosion of silver stars on a necklace and mad scientist gold rimmed circle sunglasses.

Models: Kayley Chabot (@kayleychabot), Georgia Taylor (@georgiaktaylor), Anna Martynova (@annamartyna), Ji Young Kwak, Julia Nobis, Marine Deleeuw (@marine_deleeuw), Juliana Schurig (@Juliana_Schurig), Daiane Conterato (@daianeconterato), Nicole Pollard (@nicolepollard), Sasha Luss (@RealSashaLuss), Tilda Lindstam (@tildalindstam), Catherine McNeil (@catmcneil), Kel Markey (@kelmarkey), Mijo Mihaljcic (@mijomihaljcic), Kate Goodling @kategoodling1, Maja Salamon, Magdalena Jasek (@magdalena_jasek), Zlata Mangafic(@zlatamangafic), Grace Mahary (@gracemahary), Alecia Morais, Maria Loks, Holly Rose Emery (@hollyroseemery), Kai Newman, Bette Franke, Agne Konciute (@agnekonciute), Amanda Murphy, Mariana Santana (@mariaanasantana), Nika Cole, Naomi Nijober, Sylvia Van Der Klooster (@sylviavanderklooster), Tian Yi, Katya Riabinkina (@KRIABINKINA), Drake Burnette (@_mamajama), Marta Dyks (@martadixiedyks), Annemarie Kuus, Hedvig Palm (@hedvigpa), Elodia Prieto, Irene Hiemstra, Klara Ruza Boscic, Fei Fei Sun (@FeiFeiSunSun), Amanda Wellsh (@amandawellsh), Katlin Aas (@AasKatlin), Kremiot Otashilyska, Irina Kravchenko, Ileva Laguna, Meghan Collison (@meghancollison), Feng Qi Wen, Vasilisa Pavlova (@vasikisa), Carly Moore, Caroline Brasch Nielsen (@caroline_brasch)