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Photography by Lea Colombo

Jacquemus SS14

A gaming arcade rave, in crisp white crops, sneakers and visors worn like necklaces

Initial reaction:

A Parisian rave party – filled with local club kids, art students and pastel haired bloggers.


‘La Grande Motte’, a stereotypical working-class beach resort, revealing Jacquemus’ desire to be anti-bourgeois, and reflected in the cheap, playful accessories such as the colorful visors worn around the neck.

Stand out looks: 

A sweatshirt with the words ‘j’aime la vie’ and a top with a textured ice-cream cone.

Unexpected details:

A steady cropping and shrinking of tops revealed midriffs. Designer Simon Porte Jacquemus favours boyish girls who barge through the room: models wore their caps backwards, and seemed both blasé and serious.

Model behaviour: 

French it-girls, from blogger Jeanne Damas to DJ Clara 3000

Reminded us of: 

‘A Nos Amours’ by Maurice Pialat; a film about a teenage girl who spends summer on the beach with her parents, and falls in love with a boy. 


Paris’ largest game arcade, complete with ‘I’m a Barbie Girl’ by Aqua blasting out of gargantuan loudspeakers. Naturally, the audience used the opportunity to photograph themselves shooting plastic guns.


Game Boy music mixed with tracks by French eighties duo Elli et Jacno.

Couldn’t stop staring at:

Simon Porte Jacquemus, who, instead of shyly waving to the crowd, danced for a solid ten minutes in front of the audience.

Left us wanting:

An afterparty. Or at least a beer.