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Photography by Lea Colombo

Ashley Williams SS14

Happy Ashley's playful prints holiday in the Riviera, in Nikes and crisp white dresses

Initial reaction:

Nautical Riviera through a playful London lens. 


Eighties Miami all the way. 

Stand out looks:

A ruffle-necked blue lace dress embroidered with SOS. 

Key change:

Williams’ signature prints swapped Elvis shout-outs for Dream Boat prints and Happy Ashley logos.

Model behaviour:

Eliza Cummings closing in a printed jumpsuit slashed to the navel.

How they wore it:

With lots of skin.


Wide-brimmed yellow sun hats.

For the kids:

Soft and cuddly shark bags, in Hammerhead and Great White styles. 


Pointy heels and Nike pool sandals. 


Wang Chung – Dance Hall Days and Yello’s Oh Yeah for the finale.