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Photography by Rachel Chandler

Lucas Nascimento SS14

Slashed hems, teasing slits and acid colour leave lots to the imagination at Nascimento

Initial reaction:

Edward Scissorhands amidst a passionate tryst.

Unexpected details:

The slash of scissors on asymmetrical hems, and the slip of a delicate strap off the shoulder.

Stand out look: 

A white sleeveless coat clasped only at the top to reveal a white bralet and acid yellow sheer trousers.


The minimalism of New York, with the teasing reveals of the red light district. 

Viral moment:

The final look – a sheer organza column dress; the teasing Nascimento girl reveals all.

Colour impression:

Acid yellow and vermillion interrupted an opening palette of sombre black and grey.


Thick rimmed John Lennon glasses; a recurring look this season. 


Hastily tied back with trailing damp strands, as if suddenly caught. 

Most likely to: 

Be seen on sharp, crisply dressed CEOs, on the hottest day of summer.

Left us wanting:

To drop our strap, just so.